Friday, March 20, 2015

What I Learned in my First Year of Motherhood

My EJ just turned one last week. What does this mean for me? Well, lots of people would say, "You made it and everyone is still alive!" That's an extent...LOL, but it means that I have officially been a mother for a year. A whole year...WOW! It's safe to say that this has been possibly definitely the most eventful year of my life. I have learned LOTS, about motherhood, but also about myself. Here are just a few things that I learned this past year...if  you want more...let's meet for coffee!

1. Keeping up a "mommy blog" during your first year of motherhood is a great idea in theory. In practice....not so much. Let's see how I do during my second year.

2. There is more that one RIGHT way to do things for your child. It's a matter of trail and error and no way is better. It's all about what's better for your child and what keeps you out of the looney bin...wait, did I say that out loud?

3. Giving birth is NOT, I repeat, is NOT the hardest part of motherhood. If only it ended there.

4. My "me-time" for the day may mean that I got to take a shower that day, even if there is a screaming baby in the background.

5. There is no fault in sending your child to childcare even if you work from home. It may be the best thing for them and YOU!

6. For the love of God, have a DATE NIGHT!!! (I need to do much better on this one.)

7. Guilt (emotion) - that thing you feel when you are away from your kid, on a date night, at work, working out, sleeping, eating, showering, pretty much when you're doing anything that is not solely revolving around your kid. This is not an exaggeration, at least not for me. I'm feeling guilty right now as I write this post.

8. My two favorite women in the whole wide world are my OB and my pediatrician. True Story! I happen to be blessed with two of the best in their professions. They have no idea how much they helped me through my first year as a mom! They have laughed with me, cried with me and have both talked me off of a ledge. We need more doctors like you. Thank you for being available and for being so gracious.

9. The Sick Love (another emotion) - so you think you know what love is before you have a kid, and you do. You love your spouse, you love your family and that's all real love. BUT, it's nothing like the sick love that you have for your kid. The kind that will make you walk through fire and on shards of glass, the kind that will make you lose your religion and everything else that's holy if anyone messes with your kid. The kind of love that will make you stare at him all. day. long. and not get bored. Oh, and the kind that makes you think that everyone wants to see every cute little thing he does. Thank you social media.

10. Make sure you have some mom friends that are just a little bit ahead of you in the mom department. These are invaluable relationships. Thank you ladies. I have learned so much from you. Don't forget to return the favor either. Make friends with some moms who are behind you in the mom journey as well. What you have to pour into them is so valuable.

Well, like I said, these are just a few of the things that I learned. Everyday something else gets added to the list. This quote just about sums it up:

"When you fall down, get back up. When you fall down, get back up. When you fall down again, get back up--again. Get back up. Get back up. Get back up." -Shana Schutte 

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